A San Francisco Neighborhood
Just Isn’t a Neighborhood Without a Bakery

Noe Valley is our home, and has been for nearly a generation. Over the last 21 years, we’ve had parents come in for a kid’s birthday cake for their 6 year old and then return for that same child’s engagement cake. Being a part of so many special celebrations is humbling to say the least. In fact, it’s the best part of being a San Francisco bakery.

“You guys are the rock of the neighborhood. I love how consistent you are”

Monica. San Francisco

Bringing the Best Bakers to San Francisco

We not only source our ingredients from all over the world, but we’ve also hand-picked our artisan bakers from around the globe. The best of America, Peru, Bosnia, Mexico and China get up way before dawn and come together in Noe Valley to create extraordinary croissants and naturally yeasted breads, lavish cakes, cupcake designs and sweet treats.
For the past twenty years, every single person on our team — from our craftsmen creating bakery masterpieces, to our retail staff — we’ve prided ourselves on not only making artisan baked goods but learning our customer’s names and striking up conversations along the way.