1. I don’t see what I want on your website.  Can you make me a custom/wedding cake? In terms of decorations, everything we do is available on our website. We do not offer any custom designs beyond what is listed.
  2. What if I need a cake for tomorrow? We may be able to fill your order from the daily selection of house cakes in our store.  Please call one of our retail stores to inquire.
  3. Do you make sheet cakes? Yes, you can order them here on our website! 
  4. How many people do your cakes feed? We use these serving numbers as a guide for determining cake size: 6" serves 8-10, 8" serves 12-16, 10" serves 16-20, quarter sheet serves 20-25, third sheet serves 35-40, half sheet serves 50-55, two-thirds sheet serves 65-70, three quarter sheet serves 75-85, and full sheet serves 100-120.
  5. Do you make edible photo cakes?  No, however you can order one of our available house cake designs here.
  6. Do you make logo cakes for corporate events?  No, however you can order one of our available corporate sheet cake designs here.
  7. How far in advance do I need to order my cake?
    • All cakes offered on our website can be ordered online with 72 hours advance notice.
    • House cakes can be ordered in our retail stores anytime as they are available. Please call or visit our stores.
  8. Do we need to keep the cake refrigerated or can it sit out at room temperature?  Our cakes should be refrigerated.  We recommend taking them out 1-1 1/2 hours before serving for better flavor. Cupcakes and cakes can sit out for up to 3 hours if in a cool setting and not in direct sunlight or heat source.
  9. Do you deliver?  Yes we do offer delivery in San Francisco for orders over $35. Please note that all deliveries are booked through our website and the retail stores do not schedule any deliveries. To book a delivery through our website, add your products to the cart and on the cart page choose the "Delivery" option. Then you can verify your zip code to make sure you are eligible for delivery and choose your specific date and time. Delivery is not available on Mondays as well as November 21st- 28th and December 19th- 26th.
  10. Do you ship? No, unfortunately we do not ship our products.
  11. Do you have gluten-free products? We have a few items that are made without flour, but we do not have a gluten free facility.  Please contact one of our stores for availability.
  12. Do you have vegan products?  We have a very limited selection of vegan products - many of our breads are vegan.
  13. Do you accommodate food allergies? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate food allergies.  Many of our products are made in facilities with nuts and we have a lot of gluten in our atmosphere because we are a bread bakery.
  14. Will you make me a cake from my own recipe? No, unfortunately we are unable to make custom recipes.
  15. What methods of payment do you accept?  Our online and retail stores accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.
  16. Where can I pick up my cakes? You can pick up your cakes at one of our retail stores. You will be asked to indicate which retail store you prefer when you place your order.
  17. Is everything you make available online? Almost. Pretty soon everything will be online!  Check back to see our collection grow.

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